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Welcome to the Tip Of The Month Section. We specialize in helping your immigration and future relocation go as smoothly as possible by offering important immigration facts and information on Tip Of The Month. If you are planning to emigrate from anywhere in the world to Canada or simply relocate from one part of Canada to another, Emi-Great Relocation Specialists are here to help.

Please keep checking back as resources are regularly added.

Tip of the Month: Following on from last month about how to keep in contact with friends and relatives, here are some other options that may be useful. There are the traditional methods – writing letters, e-mails or phoning. There is also Skype which we use and MSN which our children favour. We also have this blog page and a blog page on our website and have friends who use blog pages or photo websites. We have also made twice yearly “newsletters” which can cover the main updates in your new country and send these by e-mail or letter.