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Where have you seen Emi-Great before? You may have seen us in "The Emigrate Challenge" DVD produced by Outbound media & exhibitions or you may have seen us at one of the UK Emigration Shows where we have been answering questions at the Live Webcam Seminars. Take a tour of our media and news section to see where we have been making the headlines.

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Emigrate Canada Newspaper "Experiencing The Open Road" - July 2007
Darren Hobden, who lives in British Columbia, has also noticed that the roads are quieter than in Britain. "We have found that there are not many traffic queues on Vancouver Island and they are nothing like the queues on the 'M25 car park'" he says.

Emigrate Canada Newspaper "Are Larger Cars The Stars" - May 2007
"We both drive bigger cars than we did in the UK," confirms Darren Hobden, who emigrated to Vancouver Island with his wife Mette in 2004.

Emigrate Canada Newspaper - March 2007
British Columbia is also home to Vancouver Island, Canada's second largest populated island which covers an area around 30,000 km square.

Darren and Mette Hobden emigrated to the island from Eastbourne in 2004. "The nature is outstanding and breathtakingly beautiful" they say. "It is very scenic and serene. It has mountains, lakes and trees and is full of picture postcard views. The wildlife here includes seals, otters, salmon, bald eagles, golden eagles, vultures, humming birds, deers, raccoons, bears, cougars and wolves. Out of those the only one we haven't seen yet is wolves!"

Emigrate Canada Newspaper "View from the Valley - December 2006 Page 1 Page 2
The Hobden family, from Eastbourne, were one of the six families who starred in the Emigrate Challenge DVD. We caught up with Darren Hobden to ask about his memories of the emigration process and the highlights of the family's second full year in Canada.
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Emigrate Canada DVD - The Emigrate Challenge
Six emigrating families put themselves up for a challenge. Only thing is.........they don't know it! The Hobden's:Destination Canada

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