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Welcome to the Yukon Section. We specialize in helping your immigration and future relocation go as smoothly as possible by offering important immigration facts and information on the Yukon. If you are planning to emigrate from anywhere in the world to Canada or simply relocate from one part of Canada to another, Emi-Great Relocation Specialists are here to help.

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Information On Yukon

  • The Yukon has a total area of 482,443 sq. km or 186,272 sq. miles

  • According to the 2006 Census from Statistics Canada, the population of the Yukon is 28,674

  • The Capital of the Yukon is Whithorse

  • The Government Of the Yukon is the Yukon Party and the Premier is Dennis Fentie

  • Fireweed is the Provincial Flower for the Yukon

  • The Common Raven is the Yukon's Provincial Bird

  • The Sub-Alpine Fir is the Yukon's Provincial Tree

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