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Before You Leave

Before your emigration or relocation there are lots of things to do and sort out. If you own your house you have to sell it, if you rent you have to work out the best time to give notice. You need to sell possessions which you are not taking or no longer need. We sold some of our possessions at good old British Boot Fairs, through having our own Garage sales and through advertising in local papers and on EBay.

Don't forget to do the following as well:
  • All bills need to be paid e.g. utilities and we supplied an address for them to contact us in Canada if these bills were not ready by the time we left.

  • You need to find the right time to hand in your notice at work. Not to early that everything is ready 3 weeks before your move. Not to late that you now only have a day to pack everything and be out of your house!

  • Flights must be booked to fit in around your schedule and if you are bringing pets make sure all arrangements, vets visits and documentation is up to date and ready. If you are going to be staying in a hotel, vacation home, B&B or other temporary accommodation make sure you arrange it before you leave. You don't want to be walking about in the middle of the night with all your suitcases, trying to find somewhere to stay.

  • Double check and triple check all paperwork. We thought ours was all done and sold a car to a friend the day before we left. At around 4.45pm that day we realized we needed one more medical form from the doctor regarding our children and had to stress around to get a lift there and convince the doctors surgery that we were not queue jumping but genuinely emigrating.

  • Carry on doing lots of research. Even when we had our visas and thought we must have exhausted every Canadian website in existence we still kept searching and still kept finding information and services which were important to us. We keep updating information when we find it so keep checking back to this website, you never know what you may find.

  • Say goodbye. We are all leaving behind family and friends so take the time to say goodbye to who you can. We said goodbye to as many people as we could and also had a small leaving get together the weekend before we left.

  • Leave plenty of time to catch the flight. Whether you need to be there 1, 2 or 3 hours ahead make sure that you are. You may think it takes a certain time to get to the airport but if there is an unexpected traffic jam or roadworks your stress levels may reach boiling point. If you get to the airport early or at least on time you can say your goodbyes to anyone who travelled with you. You have time to relax a little and have something to eat and drink. Best of all you can have a better seat and do not have to stand in the airport line up for ages.

We hope we have provided you with some worthwhile and useful information. Good luck with your own emigration or relocation journey.

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