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Welcome to the North Island Section. We specialize in helping your immigration and future relocation go as smoothly as possible by offering important immigration facts and information on the North Island. If you are planning to emigrate from anywhere in the world to New Zealand or simply relocate from one part of New Zealand to another, Emi-Great Relocation Specialists are here to help. Please click on the headers on the left for the North Island links.

Information on the North Island:

  • The North Island has a total area of 113,729 sq. kilometers
  • The population of the North Island in 2009 was 3,287,600
  • The highest point on the North Island is Mount Ruapehu at 9,177 ft
  • Approximately 76 % of New Zealand's population live on the North Island
  • The largest city on the North Island is Auckland with a population of 1,333,300