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About Emi-Great

Darren & Mette of Emi-Great
We are Mette and Darren Hobden and we emigrated, with our two children, from England to Canada in 2004. We participated in "The Emigration Challenge" DVD which followed six families emigrating to different places around the world.

Canada is a very beautiful and scenic country with picturesque landscape views and breathtaking nature abound. We have settled on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and everyday we feel proud and privileged to call this wondrous place home.

We operate our own relocation company called Emi-Great Relocation Specialists. We know how difficult and frustrating it can be to find out information on your desired location whilst living away, so we decided to start our own company and build a database of different reliable companies and services, so that you may access information and make contacts before your relocation.

Mette is a fully qualified and licensed realtor and provides a high level of service to everyone that she works with. She has over 17 years experience working within the financial service industry and is confident in negotiating and dealing with contract issues. She has a 3 year Business Qualification and is also Six Sigma qualified (Process Improvement). Having already been through the emigration process Mette knows some of the difficulties and pitfalls involved in relocating and can guide you on the path to your chosen destination.

Darren has a Counselling Diploma and spent over 7 years in social health care in both England and Canada. A lot of his work required him to find out information and services for his Clients, sometimes in quite difficult circumstances, so he is used to problem solving and finding solutions. He uses his listening skills in his every day life and offers his full attention whilst obtaining the information requested. Darren understands the frustrations that occur when living in a different place trying to find out information, and he will assist you with your fact finding and information seeking.

Together we have been involved in doing a "Live and Exclusive" webcam links at emigration shows held in the UK. We will also be doing a monthly update of our life here in Canada on the Emigrate Canada newspaper website.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the very near future.

Many thanks,

Darren and Mette Hobden.

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